So we are all about living a healthier life style.  We are trying to stop poisoning our bodies and children’s bodies with toxic household chemicals that the huge chemical companies push.  Ask yourself this… “Why is the largest seed wholesaler in the United state’s a chemical company?” Why is cancer so Rampant in our country? Why does the European Union, and many other counties refuse to import chemically laden products from the United States? Some of these can be answered by this video.

We started as a family just trying to make a better home environment; but with the help of our friends, family, and co workers, we have turned our Home enrichment process into a business. If you don’t have the time, effort, or ability, your could always buy our healthy home cleaning products. Visit our shop and throw what you need in your cart. Slip us a form of payment, and we’ll get right on the saving lives part. Just the same, while we would love your help to further pursue our business, we understand if you don’t have the funds to buy our products. Therefore, let us help you better your families with the tools you need to do it yourself. We will periodically post blogs with how to’s and/or information on why we feel these products are better for your health than the chemical laden ones in stores.

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